CCCG Gives Integral Care To Around 2,000 Kids In The Country

We help in spiritual, educational, nutritional, and health development. 

We provide true breakfast, medical care, water resources, clinics, schools, churches, sanitation programs, etc.

We teach the kids skills that will be useful in the future such as, English, mechanical, welding, and agricultural skills.


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welding / Mechanics Shop

Vegetable Programs


Mission trips


CCCG works with teams who sponsor our ministry in different areas such as construction, education, medical and dental care, training, vacation camps, etc. We provide spiritual growth not just our kids but for all the people who work with the ministry and make this possible.

Scheduled Teams

  • Two River Church
  • Rotary District 5580
  • Rotary District 5020
  • First Bautist Church SC
  • Stroud Water Church ME
  • Bridge Comunity Church WA
  • Kingswood University Canada
  • Engineers without Border
  • Eclessia Christian School
  • Peachtree United Methodist Church GA
  • Coweta Church GA
  • Fellow Bautist Church SC
  • Oxford Christian Church ME
  • North Side Mission AL
  • Ecclesia Construction

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Rio Dulce
Guatemala City
Rio Dulce
Guatemala City

Guatemala City

We have a multipurpose building where we can support up to 250 kids for the feeding program, a mechanic and welding shop, English, art and tutoring classrooms, and of course our church.

We have Cell Groups all throughout the City. These groups meet in homes in separate zones where we build our mutual spirituality to grow closer to God through our work we do in the ministry.

We offer breakfast to sponsored children every school day. Each breakfast also is provided with a a quick study of the Bible, prayer, and activities to help build there spirituality. The breakfast are provided to help raising the nutrition so they can be more active in School and also in their Spiritual life


This is a list of what we provide in the Monte Rico area through our ministry and your support:

A retreat center where we have a full time missionary taking care of the projects in the area.

We provide 8 remote villages with more than 1,000 kids giving them a monthly breakfast, hygienic training and Bible teaching.

Vegetable programs where we teach locals how grow and have their own vitamins

Composting programs and teaching sanitation

Micro-financing projects

Computer lab for all the villages to help educate locals for potential jobs.

Rio Dulce

This is a list of what we provide in Rio Dulce through our ministries and your support:

We have full time missionary renting a home so they can be close of all the ministry in this area.

We provide 8 remote villages that have more than 1,000 kids with monthly breakfast, hygienic training and Bible teaching.

We provide Breakfast every other day in two villages for approximately 250 kids before they go to the school.

We offer vegetable programs where we are teaching villages how to grow their own vitamins and foods.

We have a fish farm where we teach the locals how to produce their own food and hope one day they will be able to in the future.

We teach composting programs, and teaching sanitation.

Micro-financing projects.

Small computer labs in each village to help educate people for potential jobs.


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  • Royce & Diane Smith
  • McCarthy Organization

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Centro Cristiano Cultural de Guatemala


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