Missions Trips

Who comes to CCCG?

We receive teams from all over the world to help accomplish our goals… such as churches, rotary clubs, universities, schools, agencies, friends, etc. Please plan to come join us in our work! The teams help in the areas of training, teaching, construction, medical and dental treatment, evangelism, concerts, handcrafts, and many other projects (dry fruit, jelly, etc.). The cost for any team is US $55 to US $65 per day per person. We pick the team up at our International airport, “La Aurora,” in Guatemala City and give everyone lodging, food and transportation until we get them back to the airport for their departure. Each team is challenged to pick their own specialty program, and then help us to sponsor one of the many projects that we have. To join in this experience, contact us, and we will make a plan for you and your team.

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