Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala, and the highest populated in Central America. Guatemala City is the economic, governmental, and cultural center of Guatemala and is also a main transportation hub, with an international airport. 

the mission

  • We have a multipurpose building where we can support up to 250 kids for the feeding program, a mechanic and welding shop, English, art and tutoring classrooms, and of course our church.
  • We have Cell Groups all throughout the City. These groups meet in homes in separate zones where we build our mutual spirituality to grow closer to God through our work we do in the ministry.
  • We offer breakfast to sponsored children every school day. Each breakfast also is provided with a a quick study of the Bible, prayer, and activities to help build there spirituality. The breakfast are provided to help raising the nutrition so they can be more active in School and also in their Spiritual life.