Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce (“Sweet River”) is located in the department of Izabel. Rio Dulce is made up of two towns on either side of the river bridge, Fronteras and El Relleno.

The Mission

  • We have full-time missionaries renting a home in the area, so they can be close to all the ministries.
  • We provide eight remote villages (that have more than 1,000 kids) with monthly breakfasts, hygienic training and Bible teaching.
  • We provide breakfast every other day in two villages for approximately 250 kids before they go to the school.
  • We offer vegetable programs where we are teaching villages how to grow their own fresh and healthy food.
  • We have a fish farm where we teach the locals how to produce their own food with the hope that they will be able to pass their knowledge on to future generations.
  • We teach composting programs, and sanitation techniques, and in addition, we administer various Micro-financing projects.
  • We also support small computer labs in each village to help educate villagers as they prepare for potential jobs.

Current Projects

  • Ministry Center
  • High School Agua Caliente
  • Cuatro Cayos Clinic
  • Tile Church in Boqueron
  • Floor in feeding center Agua Caliente
  • Play Ground Tablitas School

New Projects

  • Comunity Center Tablitas
  • Feeding center Tabitas
  • Side walk Nacimento
  • Water piping Las Flores
  • Roof Las Flores Church
  • Cuatro Cayo’s Church