Child in the City

For $30 a month, you will provide a child with nutritious breakfast meals every day. Without a properly nutritious meal before school, children do not have the energy to succeed. As a result of malnutrition, a child’s grades may drop, and they may drop out of school. As we have seen before, if that happens, they might choose drugs, alcohol, and gang participation as a lifestyle.

The $30 a month covers breakfast everyday that school is in session (from February-October). The Feeding Program is designed to not just feed the child, but also to make sure they are participating in the daily Bible studies and verse memorization, as well as building better relationships between their peers and mentor leaders. The money also helps to cover healthcare for the child throughout the year with routine check ups and any emergency needs.

As you may have noticed, three months of the year are missing for the feeding program. From November to January, your $30 goes towards building peer relationships, the child’s relationship with God, and their educational needs. In November, CCCG has their annual Camp for the city kids at the Retreat Center in Monterico. With your support, these kids are able to go and learn more about the love of God and have the opportunity to grow in their faith in Him. December’s sponsorship helps go towards a Christmas Party in which the children receive gifts (last year they received backpacks with snacks and new Shoes). January’s sponsor money goes toward helping fund the next year’s school supplies.