What is PROAES?

This is a student support program where a nutritious breakfast is provided every day to help the students prepare to study and learn their daily lessons. The program also supports the spiritual and moral instruction of each child.

When the Program was Established?

PROAES started their work in March of 2004 and was inspired by concerned people who wanted to help the children of Guatemala who had limited resources.


In the Guatemalan society, there is a large group of people who have limited resources and cannot provide the nutritional or educational needs of their children. This situation results in children dropping out of school prematurely and possibly falling into antisocial behavior.

  • To maintain a high educational level for each child.
  • To provide a nutritious breakfast to help them function at a higher level.
  • To prevent the participation of children in antisocial activities by providing friendship and role models.
  • To provide them with tools to meet these goals.
  • To have young people who will be an example to others.
  • To encourage moral and spiritual growth.

To offer Guatemala the opportunity to have future citizens with high values and principals. To diminish the percentage of children who will be tempted to get involved in antisocial groups. To improve the quality of life of each child and their future families

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Who are members?

Our goal is to serve 1700 Children between 6 and 14 years old. Founders sponsors, are members who support the program with a monthly donation. Specific sponsors, are those that have pledged to a support child monthly. Operative sponsors, those volunteers that provide needed daily services (cooks, breakfast servers, class teachers, clinic workers, cleaning crew, etc.)  Professional sponsors, those are all the professionals to give us special help like Doctors, Engineers, Dentist, etc.


Currently there are 150 children enrolled in the ‘neighborhood Eucalyptuses’ program and 100 more in ‘La Isla’ both located at the Colony Santa Fe of Zone 13 in Guatemala City. 1,450 in jungle villages in Izabal and Santa Rosa states. Each child receives breakfast, spiritual and moral support and extra classes, English, computer, etc. And 80 more who receive this sponsor too.


Currently there are a thousand children between 6 and 14 years old living in the surrounding neighborhoods. We wish to increase the number of children we serve as soon as funding is available. We also wish to build a new dining facility with medical clinic, laboratory as well as classrooms with computers to improve the learning potential of the children. We wish to improve the infrastructure of each village, thus improving the quality of life. Projects like water, electricity, food, job, etc. At the same time Increasing the educational, nutritional and spiritual quality for the children.


The sponsorship for each child is just $30.00 per month, that provides for breakfast, extra curricular activities and education. We also need financing for the construction of the facility, medical clinic, Laboratory, classrooms, and computer classrooms w/ computers. Each village we are working in needs monthly sponsors